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Tech Company of Behin Roshd Zarrin (BRZ) is the first and only producer of bio-technological Amino Acids in Iran, that have the highest impact on various agricultural products such as orchards, grain fields, summer crops, ornamental flowers, etc. The Company has been able to make itself as to be considered in the global competition and to be admired by the leading countries in the field.
Based on scientific support, research and experiments that began in 2007; Now, after settling in Hamedan Science and Technology Park, we officially enter the field of national and global trade and our mission is to help the agricultural communities, in order to ensure food health & security as much as to protect the gifts of the earth, with the approach of achieving sustainable development.

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    The basis of BRZ Company was formed in 2007 and after years of research and development, the company matured in producing of natural Amino Acids and their derivatives.
    As a result of years of scientific research and endeavors, the technological innovation of the Company was finally registered in the form of a scientific invention, as a new patent, in 2014 and made possible the beginning of a new dynamic of BRZ Company.

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    why Behin Roshd Zarrin (BRZ) ?

    Social Responsibility
    In addition to the qualitative and quantitative achievements, our company’s products play a unique role by helping the environment and protecting water and soil resources.
    Officially licensed
    Official licenses obtained by Noupoyan Behin Roshd Zarrin, such as the license of the Water and Soil Institute, that approve the effectiveness and quality of our products. This path continues until obtaining international certifications.
    Continuous Interaction & Customization
    In interaction with our customers, we Customize products and offer them.
    High quality products
    High quality is the right of all customers, especially farmers and activists in the field of agriculture. In the first we are obliged to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our products.
    High efficiency with lower cost
    Our products, while improving productivity, reduce the cost of required fertilizer.

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