Base Fertilizer (Amino Acid)

Base Fertilizer (Amino Acid)

Organic Amino-Cheshmgir fertilizer is an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers and thus, leading to an effective variable in cleansing and regenerating soil, water, food products and then resulting in public health.
BRZ Organic Amino Acid Fertilizer is competitive with a similar product offered in the French and Canadian markets, both in terms of increased quality of effectiveness and in terms of price reduction;

Science is superior and we have produced this product based on the science to respect & caress the nature

دانلود بروشور فارسی
دانلود بروشور فارسی


Some of the benefits of our products

Strengthen the plant immune system
Increased plant resistance to environmental stresses
Increase the quantity and quality of the product
Impact on air vents
Contribute to water and soil health
Reducing the need to use chemical fertilizers (and reducing its harms)
Increased nutrient uptake by plants
Reduce costs